I sincerely express my mind of sympathy to the disaster victims of the biggest earthquake occurred in Tohoku Area on March 11th, 2011.

“ Let’s tie this World with Japanese Obi ! “

When I fortunately had a chance to join the supporting circle for “COOL Japan” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry、I have got interested in an export of the Japanese culture to overseas.
In his opportunity, my acquaintance of the Ministry, Trade and Industry introduced to me, some excellent companies located in kiryu City, Gunma Pref. I visited them to get strong impression that the local companies have very big potentiality.
Among them, I found a factory who provides high technology to the NASA and another who developed special materials for swimming wear in which professional swimmer can get a new record in speed. On the other hand, I visited various local areas to find the special and characteristic beauty of Japanese traditional handicraft in local areas, and also I had a chance to evaluate Japanese unique culture and sensitivity such“Wabi”and“Sabi”.

As the above mentioned, I am convinced that we can find many wonderful and beautiful culture, and excellent technology in Japan.
I am sure that we will be able to make Japan survive, by exporting our higher level technology and traditional and beautiful culture to abroad. In order to realize this, The idea has occurred to me, that we would try to prevail our traditional handicraft and higher level technology in more friendship goods. In such way, we would like to expand our market abroad by increasing pro-Japan customers who are interested in and charmed by Japanese beautiful culture and higher level technology. In such a motive, I founded a company, LoveJapanBrand in July, 2012.

I would like to support to survive Japan by exporting Japanese traditional culture and higher level technology to the world.I’m now swelling such dream of mine In order to realize this dream of mine, I would like to ask you for great support and corporation from all of you.

Thank you


President / Eriko AkiyamaLoveJapanBrand

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President / Eriko Akiyama
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